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Effective Security and Emergency Protocols.

Our Services Crafted to have you covered for long term and short-term contracts

Australia's Leading Security and Emergencies Experts

With a proven track record in Security Management, Security and Emergency have a management team with experience with most of Australia’s largest events and retail outlet.

Security Personal

We have the expertise and experience to deliver a five-star service to fulfil each and every requirement that ensures your site is managed flawlessly, every time.

First Aiders

With over twenty years of experience not only in the private industry but in the public theatre as well our team have been to some of the largest events in Victoria.

Fire Fighters

Security and Emergency personal have over 30 years of experience in Firefighting from leadership to firefighters.

Our Friendly Service Specialties


We have over 30 years of experience in Firefighting from leadership to firefighters


We cover short term and long-term commitments as part of our five-star rating to our clients.

Quick Response Time

Our Services are designed to provide unbeatable response time.


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